The Groom Room; styling Abu Dhabi’s pets

Bathing, brushing, haircuts, pedicures and more.

There is an old adage; when you look good, you feel good; so why shouldn’t that apply to our pets?

One Abu Dhabi based business believes it does and is styling the capital’s pooches, kittens, birds and bunnies one pampering session at a time.

The brainchild of Saoud Al Ahbabi, The Groom Room has been travelling around Abu Dhabi for the past six months bathing, brushing, ear plucking and providing haircuts, pedicures and more for pets who want to like a cool cat.



Saoud says animals were a large part of his upbringing on the farm but his main drive to open the portable pet salon was his daughter.

He says: “There are many reasons as to why I made the decision to open this establishment and my daughter is my biggest drive.

“She is growing up with animals around her constantly and she now is taking care of five pets and counting. I truly believe where there is passion, there is growth in whatever you choose to accomplish.”

Offering services to dogs, cats, birds and rabbits, Saoud says the business intends to expand so more animals can look like a million dirhams.

“We hope to expand our services to many more animals once we learn more throughout this experience.

“The business is rather new as it has been working for six months but we are eager and excited to make new pet friends across the city of Abu Dhabi.”

Like us, the after glow of a style appointment eventually starts to fade but Saoud says there are numerous ways to keep your pet looking smart until their next session with The Groom Room.

He advises: “Try to limit their exposure to the outdoors, unless they need their daily walks, then make sure that they are in an environment that is as clean as possible.

“Otherwise, we also advise our friendly pets to keep a regular monthly or bi-monthly pet grooming appointment to upkeep their cleanliness and style.”


To book your pet a session with The Groom Room, visit The Groom Room or WhatsApp 050 804 6111


Image source Groomroom Instagram


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