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Neon Nights: A Whole New Family Adventure

If you’re looking for a great family adventure to while away the summer, Yas Waterworld is the answer to your entertainment needs and the capital’s soaring temperatures.

Yas Waterworld offers fantastic water-based recreation for all ages and is located on the easily accessible Yas Island.

This summer, families can cool off at the waterpark and revel in a whole new adventure on Neon Nights, happening every Friday with extended play hours until 10pm.

Yalla was invited to try this unique after-dark family amusement and had such a pleasurable time that we feel compelled to share insider tips on how to better enjoy Yas Waterworld’s Neon Nights.

The park opens at 10am and, from morning to sun down, you’ll have plenty of time to soak up the fun. As if that’s not enough, after sunset, you can see the waterpark come to life with neon lights, epic shows and unique water happenings – think colourful bright lights, glowing floaters on a neon river, and amazing rides turn more exciting after dark!

At around 8pm, prepare to be in awe of the live Hydrojet Action Show. It’s a brief water show that lasts for just under 10 minutes, so make sure you’re at the right spot at the right time. Don’t miss to confirm the show time upon entry.

You might have done all the rides by daytime but it’s a different wave of excitement after sunset. Trust us, it’s a must to try all the rides at night if you can.

Yalla picks the top 5 rides for you to enjoy when the sun goes down.

Bandit Bomber – the region’s longest suspended rollercoaster.

This ride gives you a tour of the park and although you glide at high speed intervals, you’ll have the chance to get a bird’s eye view of the waterpark. If you take the ride when the sun is setting and when all the park lights have lit up, you’ll catch sight of a glowing waterpark!

Liwa Loop – a high intensity looping waterslide.

For the thrill seekers, get your adrenaline rush at Liwa Loop. Jebel Drop might be the park’s steepest and most blood-tingling ride to most, and while we enjoyed it at daytime, we think Liwa Loop wins the night spot with an intense kick! While most rides have very long queues of riders, we barely waited for our turn at Liwa Loop. We even found a couple of people in the queue backing out. We think it might have scared most of the park goers.

To ride the Liwa Loop, you step into an enclosed tube and the attendant locks you in. In a count of three, the floor you are stepping on opens up and you drop straight down into a high-intensity looping waterslide. It’s an enclosed translucent tube where very little light comes in so when you ride at night, it becomes an exhilarating looping ride into the dark!

Heads up: Men need to take off their shirt in order to ride and that means a slight friction on the back. Women, on the other hand, can choose to wear a soft board on their back, which is provided by the park, for a smooth slide.

Falcon’s Falaj – an extreme six-seater water coaster ride.

For an electrifying ride for the whole family with bigger kids, take this water coaster that slides into rapids and drops. You’ll find yourselves screaming and laughing in every twist and turn.

Heads up: Waiting time may take up to 45 minutes, so the queue may close earlier than 10pm.

Dawwama – the world’s largest six-person tornado water coaster and claimed as the UAE’s ultimate water experience!

When you think your family is ready for a more intense water coaster ride, take the Dawwama challenge. This high intensity raft ride starts by plunging from the height of a mountaintop, you then experience the world’s longest six-person slide before zooming into a 20-meter high tornado funnel! This attraction has recently been enhanced to create a totally new experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Heads up: Dawwama has the longest queue and may take up to 1 hour of waiting time, and the queue may close as early as 9pm instead of 10pm.

Slither’s slides – a serpentine slide with a spin.

This ride is best enjoyed with a mother-and-daughter or a father-and-son tandem on a twin floater. There are six slides with different thrill levels. Don’t be scared to opt for the most extreme ride marked with the red light. It’s the most awesome slide available and it’s not at all terrifying – we promise!

While you do get to scream when going down the dark tunnel, you’ll briefly find yourself mesmerized by tiny blue lights subtly illuminating a cylindrical vessel as you loop around slowly for three to four times until you reach the middle, where a black hole swoops you in a fast downward slide then out a giant snake’s mouth and into a landing pool.

For families with young kids or for those who do not opt for water coasters and slides, there’s a host of family-friendly rides and attractions to fill your time at the park. You can delight in an immersive 5D cinema at Cinesplash, complete with cutting edge effects from moving seats to water explosions.

Young kids will have a great time at the Marah Fortress playground where they can get active with slides, water cannons, and other interactive features for non-stop action.

There’s also plenty of rides for every kid at every age. Rides are categorized by thrill level so moms can check for the most suitable rides for their tots.

For a relaxing time, families can laze away at the Amwaj Wave Pool or float down Al Raha River’s lazy waterway that turns into a neon river at night. Grab a lighted floater gleaming in different colours for that glowing photo op!

After experiencing all the awesome rides, the whole family must be hungry. Whether you want a quick snack or a proper sit-down meal, the park offers a range of dining spots for each type of craving.

Yalla Tip: Bring your own towels if you want to avoid the unnecessary expense of buying or renting towels for the whole family, which can add up into a hefty sum. Lockers are also charged and comes in different sizes. You can rent one medium size locker priced at AED55 that would fit 2 or 3 regular sized bags.


Yalla’s verdict:

With over 40 rides, slides and attractions to choose from, plus extended play hours until 10pm bringing forth unique experiences, Yas Waterworld’s Neon Nights offer a whole new level of excitement for families – something you shouldn’t miss!

There’s a reason this place is rated the region’s leading waterpark.


Neon Nights, every Friday from 10am – 10pm until 30 August. For more information, visit

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