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Why Inclusion Is Important For Every Parent


Learn why inclusion is important in the educational setting and how Aldar Academies sustain inclusive classrooms.

Inclusion in educational settings is an all-encompassing practice of ensuring that students of differing strengths and abilities are engaged, experience a state of positive wellbeing, feel connected to their school community and access personalised learning experiences that promote success.

Diversity enriches every student’s learning experience, and at Aldar Education, they embrace social responsibility and celebrate inclusivity. They recognise the positive contribution of the Students of Determination and their families make to school communities, and harness these to continue to enhance inclusive classrooms.

Aldar Academies offer a nurturing and personalised approach to education which is flexible and innovative, which meets the diverse needs of individuals, values the contributions of all and enables every member of the school community to reach their full potential.


7 Ways Aldar Education Classrooms are Inclusive:

  1. They value the contribution Students of Determination make to the school community and celebrate their resilience in overcoming difficulties they face.
  2. The school Heads of Inclusion work in partnership with families, teachers and external specialists, developing multidisciplinary teams that take a holistic approach to develop learning, behavioural or mental health support plans.
  3. School principals are committed to inclusivity and celebrate diversity – families feel welcome and safe.
  4. School leadership teams have high aspirations of every student and are highly effective in personalising learning experiences that promote success.
  5. Teachers provide high-quality learning opportunities in a safe, creative and stimulating environment where all children access a broad and balanced curriculum in a manner which raises self-esteem and encourages success.
  6. Families are active participants in their child’s learning and work collaboratively with the school to overcome any difficulties which arise.
  7. School cultures are inclusive of all members of the community and demonstrate these values in both attitude and action.


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