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What’s Cooking, Abu Dhabi?


We’ve turned to the UAE’s best food bloggers for inspiration on what to make for dinner.

For our first installment of What’s Cooking, Abu Dhabi, we turn to Dubai-based author and A to Zaatar food blogger Courtney Brandt who clearly finds comfort in food.

Her choice of go-to recipes speaks volumes about her. If you were to go by her Instagram, Courtney’s strictly 5-star, but when she’s home she finds comfort in tried and true grilled cheese and pasta, so it’s true people: influencers are just like us!

Tell us, what you’re cooking, Abu Dhabi! We’re excited to share what everyone’s cooking these days.

Tag #WhatsCooking and #YallaEats in your next post, and we’ll share the ones we love.


“In quarantine when I need a break from marketing my books, such as Twenty Year Reunion & The Queen of England series, editing my next project, attempting a few online workout videos, and blogging at A to Zaatar, I turn to food to get my mind off my isolation.  And specifically, I turn to pasta.  Is there anything more comforting than carbs?  And really, can you ever go wrong?  With a few simple ingredients, the reliability of Italian cuisine is more meaningful than I ever would have imagined.  While I don’t have the skills to make my own fresh pasta (yet!), I always feel accomplished (and full) after a giant dish of carbonara. There are plenty of versions out there, but one of my favorites is by Jamie Oliver.  Alternatively, for an easy lunch, I love the humble grilled cheese.  This sandwich can be dressed up or down (we always add fresh tomato and a bit of garlic salt!), but never fails to satisfy.”

Check out Courtney’s blog at

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