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UAE space race: Khalifa University students’ second CubeSat arrives at the International Space Station


DhabiSath, developed by the students, was picked up by a robotic arm.

DhabiSath the UAE satellite designed and developed by Khalifa University students in Abu Dhabi, lifted off aboard the Cygnus NG-15 spacecraft on the Antares rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility in the US state of Virginia on Saturday, 20 February.

The students from Khalifa University collaborated on the project with Al Yah Satellite Company, Northrop Grumman and the UAE Space Station.

The launch of DhabiSat marks another milestone event for the UAE, the Khalifa University community, as well as for collaboration partners Yahsat and Northrop Grumman.

DhabiSat will be deployed from the resupply spacecraft Cygnus NG-15, following its departure from the ISS in approximately three months.



DhabiSat will enable the teams to test custom software modules, developed in-house, for the Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem (ADCS).

The high resolution camera on the mini satellite can capture images at 12.6 metres per pixel spatial resolution on ground, from an altitude of 450 kilometres.

Last week, the eyes of the world were on the UAE as the UAE Hope Probe entered Mars orbit. And more recently, the mission sent to Earth the first images of Mars.

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