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UAE National Day show puts Mother Nature under the spotlight


Abu Dhabi’s mangroves are said to be the inspiration behind one of the most important days of the year.

The Seeds of the Union: The official 49th UAE National Day show is set to take place on 2 December.

The first details of a dramatic live production to celebrate 49th UAE National Day have been revealed by The Organizing Committee of the Official 49th National Day Celebration. It has been reported that Abu Dhabi’s mangroves will form an important part of the celebrations.

Named “Seeds of the Union”, the spectacular show will take the form of a moving sculpture surrounded by sea and illuminated by digital visuals portraying themes inspired by the UAE’s history and values.

Staged in Abu Dhabi, the show will be broadcast live to an audience of millions in the UAE and beyond, ensuring residents can unite in celebration from the safety of their homes.

Khalfan Al Mazrouei, member of the organising committee of the Official 49th UAE National Day Celebration. said: “The COVID-19 pandemic required us to approach the official 49th UAE National Day celebrations in a new and ambitious way – one that uses digital visual technology to inspire an audience watching from home.

“The overarching theme of the live show is one of hope and optimism. Embracing the country’s rich legacy and traditions, it looks ahead to a vivid future in which we remain true to our values.

“The narrative of the show artistically revolves around the growth and transformation of a seed into a shoot and then finally into full bloom, mirroring the journey the UAE has taken in the last 49 years.

National Day is the annual celebration of the UAE’s formation on 2 December, 1971.

More details of the show’s content will be revealed in the run up to what promises to be one of the most spectacular productions to be staged in the UAE.

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