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The Perils of the Internet

Keep children and teenagers safe on the internet by staying on top of the latest online dangers

Online safety - Zenofer Fathima

We live in an era when the internet is close at hand, and for many families living in Abu Dhabi, getting online is a normal part of everyday living and even the littlest ones turn to their screens for fun and games. The online world is expansive and can open our children up to many unseen digital perils, so it’s even more important to help our children navigate the online world.

Even though it’s quite a task to monitor the kids’ online activities 24/7, it’s important that parents understand the inherent dangers that face our children on the internet. One of the most prevalent way online games can potentially harm our children is through cyberbullying. Threatening language from an online friend can cause mental harm to a child.

It is also very difficult for us to assure the privacy of our children in these online games, even if a child is playing it anonymously.  We don’t know who our kids are talking to and playing with, and because online video games provide the perfect venue to build a relationship behind the guise of friendship – it’s so easy to prod kids to give out personal information, such as address and phone numbers.

This is why it’s crucial for parents to make time for our children.  Quality time with them will wean them off their screens.  Opening up communication lines and asking kids to tell us what’s going on in their lives may also alert parents to potential concerns regarding about their online activities.

Awareness and education can prevent many of the threats posed online for children. Through my film projects produced by ZEN productions, I hope to instil a strong sense of online safety to help ensure children enjoy the benefits of the internet with minimal risk.

Guest Article by Zenofer Fathima, Founder and CEO for ZEN Productions. To learn more about Zenofer’s guides to online safety, visit official YouTube channel House of Zen.

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