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If you’re looking for fun things to do while stuck at home, there’s an app for that! It’s called QiDZ, and it has the potential to fill your indoor days with fun. Give it a download to learn what it’s about!

The app QiDZ, created by Simona Agolini, QiDZ CEO and co-founder, was developed to help find deals and information on great stuff for groups to do in the great outdoors. Since that’s not possible right now, they’ve introduced a section called QiDZ at Home. With the current school break, we understand how difficult it can be for parents to keep kids busy at home, QiDZ at Home is a way to provide fun ideas and activities all in one easy destination.


Here are some tips on fun stuff to make and do, courtesy of QiDZ. Give them a whirl with your kiddos, and let us know what activities your kids loved!



·         DIY Stretchy Slime – Who doesn’t love playing with gooey stretchy slime!? You can easily make one with the kids which they will love making and playing with! They can customize their slime with their favorite colors and glitters too!

·         Paper Plate Frog Hand Puppet – Ribbit! Heres a quick, simple fun craft idea using a few bits and bobs around that your preschoolers are sure to love. Lots of quick, simple easy steps for them to be involved in. You could get creative and make lots of other animals (a snake, a shark, bear- so many!). Have them make up a story to go with it!



·         Indoor Circuit Fun – Eat your heart out f45 and circuit training! This one is set to get the kids moving indoors! Set up different stations around the room and come up with funny exercises or short 30 second activities at each. Grab some sheets of recycled paper so you can write down or draw what you decide to do at each. Have someone sit out and whistle at every 30 seconds or you can use your timer on your phone.

·        Treasure Hunt Around the House – Dig out some of the Christmas baubles you tucked away in January and take turns to hide them around the house. If you have alphabet toys or foam cut-outs, turn it into a learning game so they have to find all the letters of the alphabet and put it in order. While you wait for the other to hide the treasure, you can also get the kids practicing their counting skills!



·         Easy Guacamole – A classic dip! Your kids are sure to enjoy mashing up avocados – and what’s better is they’ll enjoy eating it afterward too! Follow this easy and quick recipe that even the kids can follow! Go on mama, let the kids take care of this one.

·         Cake in a Mug – Parents, we’re sure your kids will drive you crazy wanting to make this easy cake in a mug! This is really something the kids can take charge of and create on their own by just following the recipe! (You just might need to help them out when they need to measure something, but it’s also a learning opportunity!)


Download QiDZ at the Apple or Android stores

Learn more at

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