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Alliance Française Abu Dhabi rolls out swimming lessons for kids and teens


The organisation has now partnered with Club France Natation in order to provide even more classes.

Kids aged four months to 15 years old can now take to the water with even more confidence as Alliance Française Abu Dhabi begins to offer even more swimming lesson options.

Partnering with Club France Natation, the organization has extended swimming lessons for both beginner and intermediate swimmers within the said age bracket.

Children will be able to learn the natation techniques from the fundamentals to advanced lessons, taught by French and English-speaking instructors and lifeguards.

You can book scheduled group classes or individual private classes, with sessions lasting for up to 45 minutes. There are only five students per class, so learning will be at a premium.

Dive into a 10-session course for a once-a-week schedule, or soak up for the 20-session programme and choose a preferred day twice-a-week class.

Students may also indulge in a one-on-one tutorial for 12-sessions with a schedule based on your availability and of the lifeguard.

So, what next?

Pack your swimming gear and get enrolling. Rates start from AED 800.


To register, call 02 61 22 900 or email

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