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Remain #AbuDhabiCurious


In this time of need, think of Yalla as your support magazine. Here are our thoughts on how to go forward right now and remain positive and positively #AbuDhabiCurious!

Photo: Paolo Lagunzad

Dear Abu Dhabi Families & Friends,

No one is sadder to see Abu Dhabi quieten down more than Yalla. You know we love this place. It’s not lip service when we say that, because we all live here and love it as much as you do! Every day, we ardently share our love for the city with revelations about real people doing real things, the newest and best places to go and see, and dishes to dig into.

During this time, Yalla still plans to bring you heart-warming stories about local people doing wonderful things, things to come when this period passes, things to do now in the comfort of your own home, and more!

For those stuck at home, fear not! We’ve got ideas! We’ve spoken to local teachers and librarians to help weary parents supplement their students’ online learning.

We’re talking to local entrepreneurs who are bringing to the market new services and products to serve us during this time of need.

We are also talking to local professionals for tutorials on everything from fitness at home, Yoga for kids, cooking lessons, learning languages, learning about local animals and plants, and arts & crafts. Whatever you’d like to see on our site, we’re listening! Just write to us at with requests and ideas, and we’ll see what we can do to arrange it!

If you’re a small business, local entrepreneur, or hospitality worker, you know we have your back, because we always have. We’ve offered up our digital space for the whole month of March to support local hotels and promotions. We can’t list everything, but If you send us something you’d like to see online and it suits our readership, we’ll try to post it. Just get in touch!!

As always, Yalla is here for you. As the capital’s leading family and community magazine, we feel it’s incumbent upon us to help our readers, families, our advertisers, and indeed our entire community get through this time and come together. There’s a lot we can learn and do in the coming weeks, so please turn to us for ideas, reassurance, and optimistic thoughts! Remain #AbuDhabiCurious as this is a tremendous and resilient city, and this too shall pass!

See you on the other side! In the meantime, stay with us, and we’ll help keep you sane!


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