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Here’s how to keep kids motivated during the long online-learning day


Founder & Director of PASS Abu Dhabi Seth Amoafo shares tips on keeping the kids active throughout the day.

Who would have imagined that a month into 2021, our most used words would still be ‘social distancing’, ‘quarantine’ and the dreaded ‘online schooling’?

As a parent myself, I appreciate the challenges you are facing with keeping your young ones educated, entertained and engaged during such times.

Let’s call a spade a spade, these are tough times for all, but hang in there, continue to adhere to the ‘Stay Safe’ procedures and we will soon get through this.

In the meantime, here are a few simple tips to provide some variety in your day.


Before school



If your children are anything like mine, they will wake up earlier than they should, trying to sneak in some television time before the start of school.

In these circumstances, that is the least of your worries, however, why not give them the challenge of:

Walking/running up and down the stairs 5-10 times before they gain control of the remote control?

This is a fun and achievable challenge with a great big reward at the end that is sure to motivate them.

If you are in a flat, you could swap the stairs with a few laps of the hall?

Perhaps you could create a family challenge to climb Jebel Hafeet (124km) or walk the distance from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain (172km) with the promise of a real visit once it is safe to do so.





Lunch is usually an hour and there’s a lot that can be done during this time with some planning.

How about getting the little hands in the kitchen with you to prepare lunch?

Or plan your lunchtime to match with theirs and pop down to the compound swimming pool for a 30-minute splash, a skate, a scoot, a scavenger hunt instead of a walk or just get out in the garden to eat together.

We are blessed with great weather at the moment so why not take advantage?


End of day



Their end of day doesn’t mean it’s your end of day, as you will still have Zoom/Teams calls and deadlines to fulfill.

It is therefore easy and understandable to put them in front of the device or TV while you get through your day.

While they’re there, perhaps they could entertain themselves with some educational apps or websites. Your school teachers would have some appropriate links and titles.

If you do have the opportunity to step outside, PASS Abu Dhabi are conducting Fundamental Movement Skills programme for under 12s to develop their agility, balance and coordination in preparation for the return of football.

These are held at 4-5pm at Yas Kicks, Abu Dhabi Cricket, Rawdhat and 321 Sports at Hudayriyat Island during the week.

Players over 12 can take part in our physical training sessions at Abu Dhabi Cricket. Please visit or call 058 510 7277.

Still looking for ore things to keep the young ones on the go?  Try these useful links to stay active at home:

PASS Abu Dhabi YouTube page for some home learning skills.


Virtual and physical sporting challenges for all the family.

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