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Nominate a Student to Win a Kip McGrath Scholarship

Kip McGrath are on a mission to raise numeracy and literacy levels for children across the world, starting with making a positive impact on every student that walks through their doors in Abu Dhabi. Education has the power to transform societies and make the world a better place, and as UAE founding Father Sheikh Zayed once said, “the prosperity and success of the people are measured by the standard of their education.”

To welcome the start of a new school term, we’ve teamed up with Kip McGrath to offer scholarships to two lucky children; one aged 5 – 11 and one aged 12 – 18, at the Kip McGrath Centre in Al Raha Mall.

So, we’re asking parents and teachers to nominate a student who they feel really deserves this opportunity.  The scholarship would consist of a session each week until the end of this school term, and the lucky students can choose to between mathematics, English, or a mixture of both with one of the centre’s fully qualified teachers. Kip McGrath will carry out an initial assessment on both students and carefully develop a personalised learning program to suit their individual needs, leading to incredible improvements over time and more confidence with each session.

To nominate a student, please email and include a brief reason why you feel they deserve this extra boost in their studies.  Please include details of the student, including their age, nationality, location, and school.

The winners of the scholarships will be announced on 30th September 2018.



02 558 8505
Al Raha Mall

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