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Book your mindful visit with Louvre Abu Dhabi this week!


You can now visit Louvre Abu Dhabi’s world-class collection and view the latest international exhibition!

Tickets can now be purchased on Louvre Abu Dhabi’s website. Visitors will once again be able to experience Louvre Abu Dhabi’s world-class collection and view the latest international exhibition, Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West, reopening on 1 July and extended to 18 October 2020.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is also pleased to now offer free admission tickets to visitors under the age of 18 as part of the museum’s mission to further engage younger audiences and families.


Health and Safety Measures

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a mindful museum and the health and safety of our visitors and staff are of paramount importance to us. We are implementing comprehensive measures to ensure a safe and comfortable experience within the museum.

These measures include:

  • New opening hours: 10:00am – 6:30pm daily, closed on Monday. Last museum entry at 5:30pm
  • A limited number of visitors per hour to allow for social distancing
  • Tickets are only available to purchase via Louvre Abu Dhabi’s website and must be booked for a specific arrival time slot. Once at the museum, visitors may visit for up to 3 hours.
  • Thermal scanning of all visitors upon arrival
  • Masks and gloves are required for all visitors throughout their stay at the museum
  • Credit card or Smart payments only at all museum outlets, including food and beverage sites and the boutique

For the full list of the museum’s health and safety measures and more information on booking tickets visit: 


Digital Initiatives

Louvre Abu Dhabi will continue to connect with art lovers around the globe through its many digital programmes that offer free access to more content through virtual tours, video, audio, and downloadable activities.

We invite you to check the museum’s re-opening campaign through  Instagram and Youtube 


Louvre Abu Dhabi Brings its Collection Online, Offering Rich Digital Content and Stories of Cultural Connections

Louvre Abu Dhabi is offering digital access to the masterpieces in its growing world-class collection. Audiences can now browse a selection of 120 artworks on the museum’s website in the first phase of this initiative, providing audiences unprecedented access to artworks spanning centuries of cultures and civilisations.

In line with Louvre Abu Dhabi’s multilingual offerings, the museum’s online collection is available in three languages – English, Arabic and French. Viewers will be able to dive deeper into the museum’s stories of cultural connections through artwork details, descriptions, histories and up-close visuals of each artwork. Visitors who want to anticipate or to complete their real-life museum experience, art enthusiasts, students and experts will now have access to high-resolution images, including details that are sometimes challenging to see on display, as well as works which are not currently exhibited.

Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collection of exceptional treasures serve as a chrono-thematic journey of human creativity from Neolithic times to the present day. The collection includes ancient archaeological finds, decorative arts, neoclassical sculptures, paintings by modern masters and contemporary installations. As visitors explore the collection, they encounter artworks from different centuries and civilisations exhibited side-by-side, allowing audiences to discover connections between various cultures.

Highlights of the first 120 artworks available online include:

  • Plank Idol with Two heads from Cyprus, dating to ca. 2300 – 1900 BCE
  • A statuette of Woman Dressed in a Woollen Garment, which belongs to the Oxus civilisation that spread in Central Asia in the late 3rd and early 2nd millennium BCE
  • Stele in the Name of Tutankhamun from ca. 1327 BCE
  • Page of the Blue Quran, probably produced in Kairouan, Tunisia, in the 9th or 10th century
  • Dancing Shiva, an iconography of the Hindu god Shiva from Tamil Nadu in Southern India from ca. 950 – 1000
  • Monumental Lion from Spain or Southern Italy, dating to ca. 1000 – 1200
  • Medallion Carpet, a luxury article from Ushak, Turkey, from ca. 1480
  • Pavement and Octagonal Fountain that were originally part of the inner courtyard or, more probably, the main hall of an 18th-century residence in Damascus, Syria
  • Virgin and Child (Venice, Italy, 1480 – 1485), an oil painting by Giovanni Bellini representative of the early Venetian Renaissance
  • The Bohemian (Paris, France, 1862 – 1867), a painting by Edouard Manet portraying a young gypsy
  • Panel with Lotus Flowers and Leaves in the Saz Style (Iznik, Turkey, ca. 1575 – 1580)
  • Composition with Blue, Red, Yellow and Black (France, Paris, 1922) by Piet Mondrian
  • Untitled I-IX (2008), a set of nine monumental canvases by Cy Twombly
  • Propagation (France, 2016) by Giuseppe Penone showing the thumbprint of the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the federation of the United Arab Emirates.


Aside from making Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collection available to the widest possible audience, the goals of this project are to translate data in English, Arabic and French, valorise Louvre Abu Dhabi collection’s and foster academic research and publications.

To explore the full list of 120 artworks, visit Louvre Abu Dhabi’s website.


Enjoy the sea and skyline while having a bite at our Museum Café

The Museum Café is open with a “Grab & go” offering only.

Inside sitting capacity is limited to 40% and 4 guests per table.

Contemplate the sea and skyline from our Jean Nouvel-designed café, a relaxing dining experience that blends distinct Emirati and European flavours. Visitors can also savour special menus that are designed to complement each of our temporary exhibitions, inviting you to add a special memory to your visit.


Don’t forget to grab a souvenir at Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Boutique before heading home!


10:00 am – 6.30 pm Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Mondays.


Our museum boutique contains gifts for art lovers of all ages, from limited edition artists’ prints and homewares to exquisite jewelry and one of the finest range of art books in the UAE.

Please note that the Boutique will only accept credit card or Smart payment during your visit and gloves are required in the Boutique if you wish to handle the products.

Find the perfect gift or moment of your visit while exploring our large selection of books about art and artists, exhibition catalogues, children’s toys and books, all of which have been carefully chosen to match the spirit and character of Louvre Abu Dhabi.

As well as offering unique designer products, visitors also have the opportunity to purchase fine souvenirs such as exceptional castings and limited edition engravings that are faithful to the originals.


Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi is now open for dine-in lunch and dinner!

Fouquet’s restaurant located within Louvre Abu Dhabi is now open to all guests with no exceptions, while remaining fully compliant with the Abu Dhabi health authorities’ guidelines.

Guests can finally access the classic Parisian brasserie from Gate 2 of Louvre Abu Dhabi and enjoy a lovely walk under the beautiful iconic Dome prior to their dining experience.

For more information and bookings: please call +961 2 205 4200.


Fouquet’s opening hours:

  • Weekdays all day dining from 12 PM to midnight (last order at 10 PM)
  • Weekends all day dining from 12 PM to 1 AM (last order at 10:30 PM)

Marta Bar opening hours:

  • Weekdays from 12 PM to midnight
  • Weekends from 12 PM to 1 AM

Important notes for guests

In compliance with the emirate’s health authorities guidelines, please note the below: 

  • No Valet Services. Parking is available in Gate 2
  • Everyone from all ages is allowed to dine at the restaurant
  • Temperatures of guests will be taken at arrival to the restaurant
  • Masks and gloves are mandatory outside and inside of the restaurant.
  • Bookings are strictly recommended to ensure availability due to 40% limited capacity
  • The restaurant can only host four people per table


For reservation and more information on Fouquet’s restaurant, please click here.

For more information about Louvre Abu Dhabi, please visit or call +971 600 56 55 66.

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