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Top five reads for children’s literature by female authors


The accolades of female authors have continued to accumulate, and with the Woman’s History Month in full flow, here are just a few suggestions below to spark the love of reading in your family and the celebration of female authors throughout the generations.

Books chosen by Humanities tutor at Carfax Education UAE, Lydia Dooley
who has a love of literature which she enjoys sharing widely

Harriet the Spy

By Louise Fitzhugh Ages 8-12 years old

Another classic for the curious amongst us, led by detective protagonist Harriet M. Welsch, the reader is led on a journey of ‘spy-work’, mislaid notebooks and damaged friendships. Unfortunately for Harriet, her dedication to taking sometimes brutally honest notes on all her friends, leads to upset feelings and a crisis in her relationships. This experience teaches Harriet the impact of words, while also illustrating the steps she can take to heal her relationships; lessons that are as significant for Harriet as they are for the reader.

Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins

By Carole Boston Weatherford  Ages 4-8 years old 

A child-friendly introduction to the history underpinning contemporary protest movements for racial equality, as seen through the eyes of eight-year-old Connie in her hometown of Greensboro. Set against the background of the Greensboro sit-in protest movement, Connie soon learns that the world as she knew it, dictating where she could or could not go, was beginning to change.

101 Dalmatians

By Dodie Smith Ages 8-12+ years old

A much-loved classic that is often synonymously associated with the Walt Disney cinematic classic, Dodie Smith’s 101 Dalmatians is a perfect introduction for older readers to the timeless delights of literature by female authors. The trials of the kidnapped pups, the anxiety of their retrieval and the characterisation of some of the most memorable characters in this book, make the novel an entertaining read.

Out of My Mind

By Sharon M. Draper Ages 10+ years old

A thought-provoking novel for tweens and younger teens alike, this book charts the trials and tribulations of eleven-year-old Melody, who although living with cerebral palsy, has a lot to say and is determined to be heard! Melody’s strong character, insights and raw emotions render this novel an enlightening insight into a young mind that, regardless of the limitations of her health condition, remains true to herself and in the process, inspires those around her.

The Proudest Blue

By Ibtihaj Muhammad Ages 4-8 years old

Suited to younger readers, The Proudest Blue presents a heart-warming plot, exploring the experiences of two sisters; one older sister named Asiya, who is bullied for wearing a hijab, and one younger sister named Faizah, whose concern spurns her on to help her sister. This short story presents a clear message of self-acceptance, the power of the sibling bond and the need to stop bullying in any form. A beautifully illustrated and touching story for our younger readers to enjoy.

Lydia Fischer Dooley studied at Trinity College Dublin and Oxford University. As a Humanities tutor at Carfax Education, Lydia continues to share her love reading with her students.

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