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A Café that feels like a holiday

There’s always time for tapas, especially at a restaurant like Gina’s

Gina's Cafe

Nestled in a quiet back corner of Al Seef Village Mall, a visit to Gina’s Café will take you to Barcelona and back in the space of one evening.

Styled to look like a traditional taverna with low archways, robust wood work, and a warm colour palette, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in Barcelona when you step into this tapas hot spot. There’s al fresco dining too, if you enjoy the sun on you as you dive into plates of Paella and classic tapas favourites.

We start with a refreshing iced tea—the real brew—not those overly sweet, fruity teas we’re used to being served in the capital. Our friendly waiter then brings over a delicious-looking bread basket. The offering is less of a bread basket and more a pile of thick, toasted slices accompanied by liberal serving bowls of tomatoes, roasted garlic, and olive oil.

Cafe Gina

The menu is packed with classic Spanish dishes and servings are well-priced, very generous, and designed for sharing, so bring your whole family with you. YallaEats’ list of must-tries on the menu is vast: prawns, paella, and patatas bravas, oh my! Don’t worry, the diet starts Sunday!

It would have been impolite to skip dessert, so we opt for a classic crème caramel, and we’re so glad that we did. This dessert can often be cloyingly sweet or eggy, but not here! This signature dessert is light and fresh, so, don’t be surprised when you clean the plate after you promised yourself that you’d just have a small taste.

If you’re looking for deliciously shareable food and drink, a great price point, a nice atmosphere and a convenient location, Gina’s can tide you over until that next trip to Spain.

Gina’s Café, Al Seef Village Mall, 02 448 9642, Open every day from 3 pm – 12 am 



02 4489642
Al Seef Village Mall

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