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Four things to do at the Al Ain Oasis

Residents heading to the Garden City can now check out the exciting programme of activities open to the public at the Al Ain Oasis.


In addition to being the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the site is considered one of the world’s oldest permanently inhabited settlements, dating back more than 4,000 years.


Here are four things to do when visiting Al Ain oasis.


  1. Check out an Early Falaj Irrigation System

At 1,200 hectares, the oasis uses a system of narrow waterways to get fresh spring water from the Hajjar Mountains to irrigate the date farms inside. It is estimated that there are over 147,000 date palms growing in the space.


  1. Learn about the Oasis at the Eco-Centre

Head to the Eco-Centre to learn more about the history of the oases and why they are so important to the UAE. While there, check out the design of the building that mimics interlocking palm branches.


  1. The Miniature Oasis

Have a seat for a bit and enjoy an interactive experience. Mirroring the Al Ain Oasis, get a bird’s eye view of everything from the surrounding monuments and forts to the organisation of the oasis and the distribution of water.


  1. Fuel Up at the Oasis Plaza

Shaped like a triangle looking out to the city, the Plaza has been designed to blend into the landscape. There’s a rest area, food and beverage outlets, and spots to buy traditional goods and local produce.


Entry is Free | The Al Ain Oasis is located in the city centre. To learn more, please call (800) 555.

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Learn even more about date palm trees, visit Agriculture practices at the Oasis

Working with palm trees owners and experts to allow public to access the farms where crop growing can be demonstrated in site as it would have been always done. Other aspects will be approached as well like the different stages of the Palm trees care and the different professions related to the Oasis.


20-27 January

3, 10, & 17 – 24 February

2-9 March, 13-20 April from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

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Al Ain Oasis, Al Ain

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