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Cats and dogs can now travel on Etihad Airways


Restrictions will be placed on height and weight of the pets.

Going on holiday soon but don’t want to leave your beloved pooch or cat behind?

Well, it’s good news as Etihad Airways has now announced that you can bring your pet on board.

Pets can now travel as an additional charge to your cabin bag allowance and owners will be required to present veterinary and official documents for animals at check-in.

Bookings must be submitted at least 72 hours before departure via an online booking, declaring details on such as the pet’s microchip number and fit-to-travel certificate.

In economy, one pet will set passengers back $150 per flight for travel of less than six hours and $250 for flights that are more than six hours.

If your pet is a falcon then you will not have to pay a fee for bringing the bird into the cabin.

The combined weight of the pet and travel bag must not exceed eight kilogrammes with the pet being aged at least 16 weeks.

All other animals must be transported in the cargo hold.

In the cases of a person with a pet and a passenger with an allergy to animals booked onto the same flight, the request of the person who made the reservation first will be confirmed.


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