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Abu Dhabi Youth Hub where the young generation is changing the world


The world’s future starts here!

Youth is the future. It is a term bandied around quite often. But think about it, youth is the here and now, and what happens within that time frame, will determine the future.

Travel along the eastern end of the Abu Dhabi Corniche and you will notice a low-rise, crisp white building melding into the landscape. 

Apart from being a mesmerising piece of fluid architectural design, inside the Federal Youth Authority (the name blazoned on the front of the building), is The Abu Dhabi Youth Hub, which, the Authority says is “The best Youth Hub in the World”, referring to all the Youth Hubs across the UAE, including the one in the capital.  

First launched in Dubai, with Abu Dhabi being the second Youth Hub to open, The Abu Dhabi Youth Hub is, as the name suggests, “a home for youth and a place to connect them to people, power and potential.” 

Youth from all walks of life are welcomed, regardless of status – students, employees or entrepreneurs. It is a place where ideas germinate, bounce back and forth, and eventually are launched into the world beyond this dynamic space.



“We want every corner of the Hub to be of benefit to the youth,” says Alyazia Alqubaisi, who heads the Media and Communications Department in Abu Dhabi. 

“There are more than 30 places that serve the youth in the Hub, as well as small spaces, such as the Lab and open spaces where people can work.”

Alyazia’s pride and excitement is palatable as she guides us through the grand tour of each unique space, over three floors, which also includes two cafes, Fae Café and Culture Café, both of which are two success stories whose ideas were borne at the Hub itself. 

The Culture Café proudly displays the seal #DoneByYouth, an initiative launched by the Federal Youth Authority to crowdsource youth’s skills and talents in diverse nation-wide projects and activities.

The Hub is light, airy and immense, with far too many aspects to reveal in just one article. 

From The Incubator – perhaps the future birthplace of the next big UAE start-up, to spaces such as The Professional School, an innovative online learning platform designed to upskill youth through free professional courses and training programmes across a variety of industries and sectors, learning from specialised instructors, teachers, experts and practicing professionals.

There are even spaces such as The Platform where youth can pitch their products, services and ideas to investors, as well as a The Theatre, a modern auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technology and where performance art comes to life.



The Theatre is a modern auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technology means Hub members for any creative project from recording an original track or listening to an orchestral performance to editing and screening a film.

Clearly, The Hub is a catalyst for youth to mould the future as they see fit.  Join Team Yalla in each edition of the magazine, as we reveal the success stories and the workings of each space within The Hub, and how it has propelled youth into a successful future that benefits us all.

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