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The very best way to learn about a new city is to mingle with the locals, and Abu Dhabi makes this pursuit quite easy. Book an Emirati Experience or hire a guide to get to know the capital.

Meet Mohamed Al Hammadi
Mohamed is one of the most experienced guides out of all the Emirati Experience providers. He leads tours on the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Carpets & Antiques, and the Pearl Journey. Mohamed shares stories about the latter experience with Yalla.

Emirati Experiences - pearl diving

How did you get into this line of work?
Upon my return from my study in the United States and majoring in marketing, I felt eager to promote my country for tourists and visitors, I had a strong command of English and the Arabic Language, so I felt I had the perfect skill set needed for the position.

What are guests most surprised to learn on your tours?
That our national dress has a deep purpose and meaning and how simple and modest it is, yet how smart and comfy it is at the same time.

What do you hope guests will take away from your tours and tell people about Abu Dhabi when they go home?
The U.A.E is a young nation that had a global vision built upon a foundation. Even before the idea of tolerance was shaped and we travelled globally, the U.A.E people were tolerant and kind by nature. They love to make humans happier day after day and that can be seen in our initiatives that stretch to the far reaches of the world. Our art of hospitality and articulated care of our visitors is our trade mark.

Nobody leaves the U.A.E without a little piece of the nation in one’s heart.

Can you give us a short description of your Pearl Journey Tour?
I’m a certified tour guide for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and an honorary “Abu Dhabi Ambassador.” The Pearl Journey is one of the top experiences that I do. I welcome tourists on a traditional dhow boat to explore our pearl-diving history. Tourists get the chance to open a live oyster to look for a pearl that he or she can keep for himself after the journey is done.

Can you share one interesting fact/story about the pearls diving that few people will know?
It takes the average Arabian gulf pearl a year and a half to two years until it forms within the oyster shell. There are 12 different natural shades of oysters, and the colour has nothing to do with the species nor the depth of the sea. Diet determines an oyster’s colour.

To learn more about the Pearl Journey Experience, contact Mohamed Al Hammadi directly by phone at +971 50 616 1093 or by email at

Visit to learn about the diverse range of experiences available.

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