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Exhibition of emerging young local artists

iAM Andaz features the artwork of four emerging teen artists alongside over 10 local and international professional artists. The paintings, drawings, and photographs explore themes important to the city’s youngest artists.

International Art Management (iAM) is pleased to introduce its Emerging Artist program to help young artists learn to learn to navigate the art world with the help of professional artists and a dedicated art management team.

The iAM team conceived the iAM Emerging exhibition within iAM Andaz because there were so few venues for teens to exhibit in Abu Dhabi despite the focus on nurturing the city’s art scene.

Co-founder Emily Gordon says, “iAM wants to give back to the community by offering its youth the tools to become the artists whose work will be featured in the Abu Dhabi’s prominent museums tomorrow. Why look to the west for artists when they are right here in our schools and universities waiting to be discovered and trained to become working artists?”

Meet the Artists

Exhibition of young local emerging artists

Meera Al Mehairi is a 15-year-old Emirati artist who has discovered her passion for art at the Art Studio in the Manarat Al Saadiyat. Meera is inspired by the history of different nations around the world and is inspired by the art that is influencing her generation. Follow Meera on Instagram at meeradoesart.

Jeramie Christian, 19 years, found his passion for photography at a young age. He views photography as a way of capturing details, emotions, and memories that he can share with viewers. Follow Jeramie on Instagram ghettocaviardreams

Leila Marie is an 18-year-old Sudanese visual artist who constantly has the urge to create. She has lived for nearly 17 years in the UAE. Inspired by her day to day surroundings, she usually works with Photoshop and other mixed media to enrich her artwork. Follow Leila on Instagram nyyytt.

Lucienne Totton, 14 years, has been drawing and painting as long as she can remember in her mother’s art studio. She is a Japanophile inspired by manga art, anime, and Salvador Dali and buys every single Copic drawing implement that she can find and afford. Follow Lucie on Instagram

If you are keen to support the local teen artists, you can see their artwork displayed prominently at the Andaz Capital Gate Hotel gallery space from 1 November until the end of the year.

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