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This training programme is set to change the lives of Abu Dhabi kids


There’s a summer camp and you can even buy vouchers to help those in need.

Social enterprise, Lotus Retal Institute is partnering with WeTel Television Design Foundation to bring the WeTel communications design curriculum to Abu Dhabi.

As a social enterprise, Lotus Retal will be employing strategies to make sure that the training programme is accessible for children from low- and middle-income families.

WeTel and Lotus Retal started their collaboration with a Film and Design Summer Camp, which began on 3 June, accepting participants aged 10 to 18 years old.

A full curriculum of classes will be added in September, for both adults and children.

“We have programmes running in Gems Cambridge Sharjah, NEST Academy and ASEC University, Fujairah. Our world class curriculum is approved by KHDA and used by partner organisations around the world,” said May Kadkoy, Director, Lotus Holistic Retal Training Institute.

“We are excited to work with a social enterprise like Lotus Retal, to make this training accessible for more people. We do have a charitable programme we worked with in Mumbai, and we have seen how communication design training has opened new career paths and futures for children and young adults who were desperately poor,” she added.


How is this a social enterprise for middle and low-income families?


  • At 1,500 AED per course/month, the summer camp is an affordable, high quality programme. There are also discounts available for partner schools and for individuals meeting certain criteria.
  • Offer this training to low-income children and youth who cannot pay the fees. Some of our client families purchase gift vouchers to pay fees for those who are in our humanitarian initiative.
  • Lotus Retal uses 20% of the revenues it gets from this collaboration to benefit people in the humanitarian initiative, low-income families referred to us by the UN High Commission on Refugees, Abu Dhabi Liaison Office (UNHCR).

Please visit for more information about the courses we are offering and our summer camp.

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