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Though the Mubadala World Tennis Cup has just past, the ball’s always in play in the capital, and Yalla catches up with a rising star on the court: Youssef El-Toukhi

youssef mubadalla community cup

Can you tell us your full name, age, and school?

  • My name is Youssef El-Toukhi, I’m 16 years old and I’m a student at the German International School in Abu Dhabi.

When and why did you start playing tennis?

  • I started playing tennis at the age of nine. Back then I had swimming and guitar lessons and I was interested in trying a new sport.

Tell us about the Mubadalla Community World Cup? How does it work?

  • All the participants are registered according to age groups. This year I participated in the Mubadala Community Cup, which took place on 9th November at Zayed Sports City. I was in the “15 years and above” group and we played first to five games in a round-robin format. The final winner and runner-up get the chance to play with one of the world stars during the Mubadala World Tennis Championship (MWTC) at Zayed Sports City in December.
youssef mubadalla community cup

Who is your tennis idol and why?

  • I really like Novak Djokovic, because I like the way he plays and that he’s very friendly and humble.

Who would you play with if you could play with anyone (living or dead)?

  • I would love to play with him once.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment so far with regard to the game?

  • Participating in Mubadala Community Cup the past years made me gain a lot of experience. I also had the chance to play with Pablo Carreño Busta during the MWTC clinic last year.

Do you aspire to go pro?

  • For me, tennis is one of my favorite hobbies, which I enjoy playing. It keeps me fit, and it’s wide spread, so no matter where you are, there’s always a tennis community to play with.

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