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Abu Dhabi School Takes First Place in Global Championship


The British International School Abu Dhabi has won the highly contested Arabic category in the 2020 Education Perfect (EP) Global Championships.

In what has been described as the most contested EP World Series event to date, Year 5 to Year 10 students from The British International School Abu Dhabi (BIS Abu Dhabi) beat 874 schools across the world to win first place in Arabic language.

Students were given the challenge of learning and revising important skills and key content in Arabic during the event, which saw more than 1 million students from 29 countries participate. The students at BIS Abu Dhabi are to be congratulated for their amazing achievements, winning first place with a score of 34,457 points, putting them safely in front of the second-place team who achieved 7,141 points. BIS Abu Dhabi students spent 483 hours correctly answering 267,000 questions over the seven-day competition running from 14th -21st May 2020.

During the global competition, students were tasked with working through curriculum-aligned Arabic lessons across a full suite of skills including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The premise of the event is to challenge students of all ability levels, from beginner, right through to advance in content that is aligned to the Language Common European Framework. Students earn points on questions correctly answered, and through clever technology, are nurtured through to mastery of each topic they complete.

Assile Al Amili, Assistant Headteacher (Arabic) at BIS Abu Dhabi, congratulated the UAE and students from BIS Abu Dhabi on the win. “We are immensely proud of the remarkable achievement our students have made, which reflects their interest and dedication to learn the Arabic language with passion, and their love and appreciation to the Arabic and UAE culture. This accomplishment was made possible by the strategic plan that we have set to ensure the highest quality learning, and the mastery of Arabic language skills.”

The 2020 EP Language Championships saw a 46% increase in the number of countries who participated compared to previous years. Education Perfect’s UAE Teacher Community Leader, Melissa Musgrove, cited the rapid move towards online learning as a key driver of interest in the event. “We have seen many of the top schools around the UAE start to use Education Perfect, with a 95% increase in subscribing customers since schools moved to online learning. It’s a powerful catalyst in supporting students from all ability levels to learn Arabic and foster a greater love for learning a language. It is a wonderful opportunity to encourage a sense of community across school networks and around the world.”  


About The British International School Abu Dhabi

The British International School Abu Dhabi offers the English National Curriculum from EYFS to Year 11 and the IB Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13. Admissions for the 2020-21 academic year are open.

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The British International School Abu Dhabi

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