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Bareburger: Beyond a New Burger Joint

Recently opened at Marina Mall, we put Bareburger to the test to see how their vegan ‘Beyond Burger’ stood-up to a meat-eater and a self-confessed vega-holic. *Spoiler Alert* we think we’ve found somewhere that everyone will enjoy…

The Bareburger Way

Bareburger’s approach to food is very simple; they use fresh, vibrant, and 100% natural ingredients, sourced from their family of sustainable farmers and partners. Their sustainability efforts don’t end there though, as much of the additional bits that go into making and serving a good burger are made from reclaimed & recycled materials too.

The restaurant strives for all organic products, but when they cannot meet that, then rest assured that their ingredients are 100% natural- there’s no food colouring or GMO, and all of their meat is grass fed and hormone free. You can even see what items are completely organic on the menu as it is marked with a yellow star, and unlike a lot of burger joints, their menu is over one-third vegetarian and plant-based, so you can add Bareburger to your growing list of vegan-friendly places in the capital.


Now open in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall, this medium-sized restaurant is definitely a cosy, family-friendly venue. With a clashing mix of wooden and brightly-coloured decor, it definitely gives off a rustic, earthy and natural aesthetic that perfectly mirrors their missions. And with their lively, feel-good music playing throughout, a TV behind the bar, and a perfect view of the mall (a good spot for people watching!), you will for sure be entertained.

Bareburger gets a huge thumbs up from us as a family-friendly spot to enjoy hearty yet healthy comfort food- with an option to be a bit naughty with some fries or a shake afterwards!

The Food

Okay, let’s get to the food – the real reason why you’re here. I want to start off by saying that I am a meat-eater, and have never really gone out of my way to purposely eat vegetarian or vegan alternatives. However, when I saw the “Beyond Burger”, a plant-based burger than promises to hold it’s own against any beef burger, I knew I had to put it to the test. And let me tell you, it won! Regardless of being made up of only beets, potatoes, coconuts, bamboo, and peas, it looked and tasted like beef. The whole burger was completely vegan, even down to the oh-so-gooey cheese which, as a lover of a regular cheeseburger, I really thought would have given the game away. But it didn’t. Juicy and flavourful, this could almost be my new favourite burger – meat or not!

My friend and vegan “expert” came along with me to see what all the hype was about. She said that unlike other vegan meat alternatives, this “beef” burger had a body to it, meaning it wasn’t lacking in bite or texture.

Sides don’t come with any of the burgers at Bareburger, so we chose onion rings and fries. The portion sizes were big enough for 2-3 people, and unlike some places, they were not oily or overly salty. They came accompanied were four dips – a homemade bbq sauce, a buttermilk ranch, a habanero mayo, and a special sauce (which I should point out were not all vegan but they were delicious!).

When it came to ordering drinks, it was refreshing to see that the usual sugary soft drinks you find on any menu were replaced with natural alternatives including organic sodas and mocktails. And there’s even a choice of vegan ‘milk’ shakes to choose from if you’ve got any room left for dessert!

All in all, Bareburger gets a huge thumbs up from us as a family-friendly spot to enjoy hearty yet healthy comfort food- with an option to be a bit naughty with some fries or a shake afterwards!



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