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These could be the tastiest kebabs ever in Abu Dhabi


This tiny restaurant is serving up some of the best European dishes in Abu Dhabi and they even have a takeaway service

Abu Dhabi is full of a great places to eat.  Some of the best places are to be found off the beaten track, hidden gems where you can taste some of the most fabulous dishes in the capital.

So, Team Yalla recently pounded the pavements and found one.

Tucked away on Haza Bin Zayed the 1st Street, known locally as Defence Road, is Bosnian Hut. You can’t miss the Balkan-esque façade decked out like a truly authentic Bosnian cottage, or the kind of hut found beside lakes in Bosnia

There are only five tables inside, and a private family room, and two waiters in traditional dress are ready to take your order.

The dishes are truly Bosnian, a mix of East meets West, Turkish, Lebanese and traditional dishes from the Austro-hungarian Empire days, and even further back to the Celts.


What to try

The menu has just been updated and is based on authentic traditional classics.

Start with a Bey soup, an okra delicacy simmered in a chicken based broth, finished off with a simple roux, then sprinkled with lemon juice or a tasty pumpkin soup.

Next, try Sitni Kebab, small pieces of meat with special rich sauce in somun bread. Or tuck into the historic Haji Kebab, whose name derives from Haj, when pilgrims would wrap kebab meat for the long and arduous journey by foot to Mekka in Saudi Arabia.

We think the kebabs are some of the tastiest in the capital but don’t take our word for it, try them yourself.

Also try Bosnian pita, thin dough that is presented in a rather pretty swirl or the spinach, cheese or meat pita, a type of delicious pies. There are plenty of Bosnia sauces for dipping too.

End with Hurmašice, a syrup-drenched pastry, and a traditional Bosnian coffee. While it looks similar, it is neither Arabic nor Turkish coffee. Head over there today and find out what makes it different and grab a taste of Bosnia.

Bosnian Hut, 923 Hazza’ Bin Zayed, open 1pm till 11.30pm daily. Walk-ins only.  Call 02 566 6215

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02 566 6215
Bosnian Hut, 923 Hazza' Bin Zayed

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