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Don’t Miss our Autumn Edition- Out Now!

It’s hard to believe that another summer has already passed and a new school year begun, but what that does mean is that the next edition of the Yalla Know It All Family Guide is just about ready to hit the shelves!

Over the summer, we’ve worked ceaselessly on cooking up more unique ways to make the magazine even better—and we’re proud to present the new edition to you soon.

Abu Dhabi is an exciting place to live with its active events calendar, so we’ve teamed up with the city’s art centres, theme parks, museums, tourism authority, and hotels to help families discover the many wonderful things to do in Abu Dhabi, art to view, and yummy bites to chew in the capital. We sincerely hope that you love our new Entertainment, Art & Culture, Dining, and Sports sections. We have put our heart into these sections because we know that these sections help families explore everything that’s fun and new in the city.

Yalla Know It All

Let’s start with the fun bits. If you ask any kid in Abu Dhabi where to find fun here, almost every child, and probably most adults, will exclaim Yas Island. We offer 5 top tips on finding family fun on Yas and then break down the best way to experience the island’s thrills, what’s new in the theme parks, and what’s free to do.

Into art? Mark your calendars in November so you don’t miss Polyglot Theatre’s Tangle. Learn about the artsy event and meet the man behind NYUAD Art Centre’s amazing and mostly family-friendly arts calendar.

November will be here soon, and everyone in the capital knows what that means: F1 fun. Yalla offers tips on surviving the race with your kids. Everyone has to eat, so Yalla has upped its game to help families nourish themselves, find elegant eats, or teach their children the fine art of brunching at an early age, because one is never too young to brunch in the capital. Learn what’s new to eat and where to brunch in our new dining section.

And of course, all of your Yalla favourites are back, including Kids’ Corner, with everything that you need to know about getting back to school in Abu Dhabi. We also introduced Yalla Teen so the older kids are no longer forgotten. If you know a teen who likes to write, put him or her in touch with us so their work gets published, and Yalla can provide content written by and expressly for teenagers. We’ve also introduced a new #YallaPlasticPledge, and we need your help. Turn to page 18 if you want to help rid the city’s landfills of plastic!

All that’s left for us to do is to let you sit back and enjoy the latest edition of the Yalla Know It All Family Guide- happy reading!



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