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Education: Al Mamoura Academy offers a dynamic learning experience for all years


Creative learning environments and the launch of a new Senior School curriculum is helping to put students first at Al Mamoura Academy.

The vision of Al Mamoura Academy is to provide “An innovative learning community, where we nurture our learners through Collaboration, Leadership and Creativity.” It is one that every parent would want for their children when enrolling them into a school.


The passion of the teaching staff, too, is a key factor that parents look for when deciding which school they would like their children to attend. Having sat down with the Academy’s three heads – Principal Sarah Weaver, Primary Principal Matt Booth, and Middle and Secondary School Principal Emma MacDonald, it is clear that the Al Mamoura Academy team has enough passion to sink a ship. This is passed on to the students, so much so that the students themselves are motivated and effortlessly enter a mode of self-learning and discovery.



Al Mamoura Academy, which holds British Schools Overseas Accreditation, is centred on creative learning environments. “We are very passionate about our dynamic learning environments,” says Matt Booth, “which is not only led by the team but also by the students.”


The shared areas, such as classrooms and corridors, pay testament to this, and are vibrant, engaging. and actively used by the students. “There is also an active Young Student Leadership Team that is actually redesigning and building a brand-new playground. They have even been given a budget to work to.” says Matt. “It’s very important for us at Al Mamoura Academy to ensure that the learning is exceptional; being outstanding is one thing, but exceptional learning opportunities is what drives all of us so that every child has the opportunity to achieve and excel.”



The project includes a collaborative online space that allows students and parents – and teachers – to upload their ideas. It is an initiative that propels the learning experience in areas such as teamwork and uniquely, the costing and budgeting required for materials, an innovative skill to learn for primary students. Sarah, the school Principal, explains how Al Mamoura Academy launched a number of interesting committees across all school years. “The ‘build a playground’ project builds on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, which are skills we are driving through the committees and all our stakeholders. It builds on ‘real life’ scenarios through learning experiences.”

Aside from expanding the minds of students, the school is also expanding its offering for the next academic year, 2021-2022, in terms of the Senior School. Already the Academy is top of the league in terms of exam results, celebrating in 2019 the achievements of its first cohort of IGCSE exams, with a total pass rate of 97 percent and the introduction of the American Curriculum. “Next academic year, we’re going to be offering a dual pathway for students; they can opt to be involved in the English curriculum model, or involved in the American curriculum model,” says Emma MacDonald, “These pathways will link to what their next steps are when they leave school and are exploring universities.”



Clearly, the learning and education experience offering at the Academy broadens students and parents an understanding of education systems. The experience is one that families and new students seek to uptake on such thought-provoking initiatives and experiences.

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