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Adopt! Don’t Shop!

 Everyone wants to a furry friend, but should everyone have one? Jackie Covill offers 10 questions to ask yourself before you adopt a cat.

  1. Adopt don’t shop! Do not buy a cat or kitten, always adopt from one of the local cat groups.
  2. Can you afford to have a cat? The average cost to own a cat is around 2500 dirhams (includes vet bills, food, kitty litter, scratching post, cat carrier, and toys.)
  3. Have you got permission to have a cat in your home? Please ask before adopting.
  4. Does anyone have allergies to cats?
  5. Do you have time for a cat? Is the cat going to be left alone all day? It’s a myth that cats don’t need much attention. The more you play and interact with your cat, the better quality of life for both you and your cat. The average cat lives between 13-17 years.
  6. Are there other animals in the house? Not all animals will get along so try to check if your dog likes cats or if the cat you have likes other cats. Bear in mind that cats are often quite happy to live alone.
  7. Your cat is NOT a dog. If you’re looking for a dog, don’t get a cat. Cats do not usually like to be played with like a dog.
  8. Who is going to take care of the cat? Who will feed her and clean the kitty litter box daily? Who will take care of kitty whilst you are away? Will it be a housemaid, house sitter, pet sitter or boarding—all of these come at a cost!
  9. All cats have different personalities and may not be a lap cat right away. Time is needed for cats to adjust so please allow the cat to get to know you. Cats are often returned less than a week after adopting. It takes time for them to settle, so please allow them the time.
  10. Be prepared to fall in love.


Learn more about responsible cat adoption or find your furry friend on Facebook at @Jackie’sCatsUAE.

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