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Here are some valid reasons to try a plant-based diet this coming veganuary


The benefits for your health are enormous, says Ananda Shakespeare. 

Ok, so you’re plant-based, vegan, or trying out Veganuary to see if a plant-based lifestyle suits you.

Maybe you want to eat less meat this year, or adopt a regime that includes more fruit and veg.

Whatever your reasons, there’s stacks of evidence that plant-based diets offer enormous, noticeable health benefits.

I can’t actually give you a glowing report of the change in health I experienced, as I’ve never eaten meat. But there’s lots of anecdotes proving that adopting a diet rich in fruit and veg will lead to better energy and greater health.


We haven’t even touched on the fact that your journey to plant-based eating will help save the lives of three billion animals murdered every day for human consumption.

BUT. Do your research. Look into quick, healthy recipes to get you going. Learn to cook – and cook a little differently.



Be easy on yourself. Remember, a jacket potato is vegan. Many soups are vegan. It’s easy to be vegan and unhealthy, especially with the growing number of (highly processed) meat replacements, high fat oil- and nut-based cheese style products, and growing number of snacks, cakes, ice creams and chocolate.

Yes, go vegan for the animals. Yes, go vegan for the environment, but most of all – why not be selfish and go vegan for yourself?

It doesn’t take long to discover the health benefits, and easy recipes to ensure optimal health.

Whatever fad diets you’ve heard about, adopting a diet rich in natural, unprocessed vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains is the best diet for anyone and everyone.

Try it and feel the difference!

Ananda Shakespeare is the founder of Dubai Vegan Days, which could be coming to Abu Dhabi soon.

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