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Weekend beachgoers beware: Sea snakes warning!


Head to the hospital if you get bitten.

If you’re heading to the beach as the temperature drops, the environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) has a warning for you.

“Many marine snakes have been spotted in some of the Emirate’s beaches.”

The waters around Abu Dhabi are home to sea snakes, known locally as “Bogni.”

Sea snakes inhabit open and shallow waters, coral reefs and beaches and the EAD has warned that many marine snakes have been spotted in some of the emirate’s beaches.



If you do come into contact with one of these slippery creatures, EAD advises to “avoid touching or catching the snake, maintain a safe distance to ensure your safety and Inform the site management or contact the Abu Dhabi government number 800555.”

Importantly, EAD warns that if you are bitten by a seas snake then to head to nearest hospital as soon as possible.

EAD tweeted that the reason for monitoring sea snakes and their increasing numbers on beaches is “due to their gathering during this period near the coastal areas, fluctuations in temperature and climatic conditions. The sea also affects their movement, which leads to their drifting towards beaches.”


Image Source Pixabay 

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