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Weekends at The Oasis

Do you have a few days off and keen on a road trip? Jump in your car and set your navigation to Al Ain to explore the Garden City.

If you are keen on planning a long weekend to Al Ain. Yalla recommends that you first explore Al Ain Oasis. This lush heritage site is a far cry from the city and filled with trees, plants, and shrubbery.


The historic Al Ain Oasis sprawls across 3,000-acre and provides a unique insight into the region’s inhabitants who began taming the desert 4,000 years ago. The oasis holds up to 100 different varieties of plants, with widespread plantations that are also working farms. Shaped by a complex shared water supply, the Al Ain Oasis is based on both wells and ‘falaj’, the UAE’s traditional irrigation system. It has plenty of working examples of the falaj that have been used for centuries to tap into underground wells.


The site’s ‘Weekends at the Oasis’ initiative offers a chance for the community to come together. With a hub of interactive activities and popular attractions, visitors will be treated to a market showcasing locally grown farm products, traditional oasis-inspired handicrafts, Emirati cooking demonstrations, fun games, horse riding and bicycle tours through the oasis, an educational workshop on Falaj, and arts & crafts workshops for all ages.


‘Weekend at the Oasis’ is a chance for families to create lasting memories while learning about history and Emirati culture at this fascinating UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.

Mark Your Calendars!

19-21 December 2019

30 January – 1 February 2020

5-7 March 2020

From 4-10 pm


Admission to the event is free, but registration is required to participate in workshops. For more information, please phone (03 712 8523)

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Al Ain Oasis

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19-12-2019 - 07-03-2020


03 7118311
Al Ain Oasis, Al Ain

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