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The future of learning in Abu Dhabi

Mohamad Saad, Principal of Ajyal MBZ, on the importance of an enriching curriculum.

It has been an incredible year and schools worldwide are immensely proud of how their students have adjusted and coped with learning during the pandemic.

This includes the students of Ajyal MBZ who have (and continue to be) commendable in rising to the challenges of distance learning.

Our approach to distance learning during this time was both targeted and diverse.

As a new year approaches, students will once again be able to interact with each other in a physical school setting, which is an extremely important component of a well-rounded education.

Therefore, the focus for Ajyal MBZ in the coming year is on personality development.

For the students of Ajyal MBZ, we want them to return to their group learning activities, which are crucial to building students’ identity and character.

Extra-curricular activities will be at the forefront of the school year, which is vitally important in terms of the development of rounded young people.

Results need to be achieved and academic success for all is imperative.

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of our nation, believed education was a given right to all children.

We also believe the reintroduction of activities, safely and gradually, that were unavailable last year will help our students to achieve such academic goals.

Sports, music, and a variety of community-led activities are all instrumental in building teamwork and confidence.

Coupled by high academic standards, these activities are what make Ajyal MBZ education so special.

Preparation is key, and we wish for all our leaders of tomorrow to be confident people with clear communication skills developed through creative lesson time where the outcomes come from their own experience and ways of seeing the world.

Ajyal MBZ proudly provides a fully inclusive curriculum that is child centred with regular assessments that enable our professional staff to make informed decisions about planning for the following terms to deliver what is needed to guarantee the students successes throughout their learning time.

School time has to be as fun and as fulfilling as it can be, while adhering to the safety measures in place to ensure that the students’ health and wellbeing is paramount.

Ajyal MBZ is prepared and has many enrichment plans in place for our students to get involved in, ensuring that their curriculum time builds upon soft skills such as empathetic understanding, which will enhance relationship building throughout the students’ lives. Our qualified and experience teaching staff make sure that questioning is key to the learners’ development, building inquisitive young people who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

With our dedicated specialist staff that grows with the yearly cohorts, we are able to build a safe familiar school environment for the students to develop wholly.

We link the curriculum to deliver 21st century skills across all subjects to lead the learners to be pioneers of their own bright futures, whichever direction that they wish to take themselves in.

As we fast approach the New Year, we welcome students of all levels and backgrounds to come and thrive in our nurturing and safe community, which provides a world of opportunities that they can take full advantage of to ensure possibilities of future ventures.


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03-01-2022 - 17-01-2022


Abu Dhabi, UAE