Get Back to Games!

Get Back to Games!

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There is a quiet revolution happening that will be music to all parents’ ears! Board games are back with Back to Games! Yes, you heard us correctly. If you have children who seem glued to gaming on screens then hopefully they will soon wake up to the brilliance of board games. Leading the way in board games in Abu Dhabi is the fantastic shop Back to Games which Yalla loves!

History Board GamesBack to Games is the UAE’s first retail shop, based in Shams Boutik Mall, Al Reem Island and specialises in the sale of a vast amount of modern board and card games.  They proudly offer a wide variety of North American and European tabletop games embracing various themes. Their games offer countless hours of excitement and fun with family and friends of all ages while playing one or more of their exceptional products. As Mark Azaam, founder of Back to Games explains, “Our passion is to develop and expand a sustainable and entertaining tabletop gaming culture in the UAE. In store, a welcoming and enthusiastic team will be at the forefront, guiding you on your captivating journey into the world of tabletop gaming.”

When you meet Mark or indeed any of the Back to Games team, their passion for board games is palpable. And as Mark explains, there is good reason why they are so fervent. “Since the advent of the computer, almost all gamers in contemporary society have become fixated on all manner of screens; be they monitor, tablet, mobile phone or television.  We believe such avenues of entertainment provide a single channel of experience where the player is always on the receiving end, lacking the excitement and challenge of social interaction.  Hence, ‘screen gaming’ has isolated us, completely eliminating natural face-to-face contact and direct personal communication with others.”

Back to Games TeamThe Yalla team, regular visitors to Back to Games, can vouch for the fact that the energetic team there really seek to change all this by bringing families and friends back together through the enjoyment of a themed or strategic tabletop games. “By experiencing one of humanity’s oldest leisurely pastimes, these exciting contemporary games allow people to revive and stimulate our society, deeply benefiting from this reconnection to one another” Mark concludes.

And there is a really wide choice of games to suit all tastes too. Many are themed to specific historical, fantasy or science fiction based settings, giving a vibrant array of choices suiting any type of imaginative game seeker. For those interested in lighter family or party games, or maybe you are just looking for a unique gift, the shop will spoil you for choices.

Alongside the shop, Back to Games also offers the convenience of online shopping. Their website features extensive product information regarding all their products and gaming supplies.

Back to GamesAnd it’s not just a shopping experience. Back to Games hosts daily tabletop gaming nights, along with monthly gaming events. For more information, please check out their weekly event calendar at www.backtogames.com or visit their Facebook page.

Happy board gaming!

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