This new launch at Snö Bodyworx clinic Abu Dhabi is a game changer.


This revolutionary weight loss programme consists of a single, swallowable capsule that contains a deflated balloon.

“FOR MOST OF YOU, DIETING ISN’T ENOUGH and we need a catalyst to kickstart the weight loss journey.”

“Snö Bodyworx is excited to launch the Elipse Balloon Weight Loss Programme to help our patients get started on the road to a new, fitter version of themselves,” says Luciana Mantovani, Dietitian at Snö Bodyworx.

Snö Bodyworx is one of the first clinics in Abu Dhabi to offer the Elipse balloon- the world’s first and only procedureless™ medical device for weight loss.

This revolutionary weight loss programme consists of a single, swallowable capsule that contains the deflated balloon.

As reported by WHO, as much as 34.5% of the UAE population is classified as obese and 70.6 per cent as overweight. 

The Allurion’s Elipse Gastric Balloon, is the world’s first and only weight loss device that requires no surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia.

Using a swallowable capsule, many more people in the UAE will be able to lose weight easily (an average of 10 to 15% of their body weight) and more importantly, reduce the risk of having diseases attributed to being overweight or obese, including, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and polycystic ovary syndrome to name but a few.


This New Launch At Snö Bodyworx Clinic Abu Dhabi Is A Game Changer.


Weight loss balloons have become widely-accepted tools, providing more substantial and sustained weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

Weight loss balloons work by simulating the feeling of fullness, taking up space in the stomach and slowing the passage of food.

Their presence helps users feel fuller faster, training them from the inside-out to eat smaller portions. Weight loss balloons enable their users to make healthier dietary choices without the cravings and hunger that often accompany regular diets.

While earlier generations of gastric balloons had to be placed and removed with an endoscopic medical procedure requiring anesthesia, the Elipse Balloon is the first gastric balloon that is swallowed and, months later, naturally excreted.

The Elipse Balloon is typically placed during a brief outpatient visit allowing you to get back to your busy life.

It is swallowed in a capsule during an outpatient office visit and is designed to remain in the stomach for approximately four months, after which it opens and passes naturally from the body.

More than 20,000 devices have already been distributed across 25 countries, with over half shipped this year alone.


If you’re interested to find out more, call Snö Bodyworx at 800 DERMA (800 33762)  

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