Women’s Heritage Walk 2019


The Women’s Heritage Walk from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain is an annual trek honoring the women of the United Arab Emirates who helped shape the nation. They made this desert journey twice a year not so long ago. Today, expatriate women accompany Emirati ladies as they retrace the footsteps of their ancestors. Now in its fifth year, this experience is an observation of the past and an invitation to shape a vibrant future.

Challenge yourself with this life changing trek and experience the remarkable cultural diversity and sisterhood of the Women’s Heritage Walk.

The 5th Women’s Heritage Walk from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi will take place from Thursday January 31st to Tuesday February 5th, 2019.

The annual walk celebrates and honours Emirati women who made this 125km on a regular basis and as a heartfelt tribute to the female founders of the UAE. It also encompasses the ever-growing tribe of new “sand sisters”.

The cultural heritage of this region, passed down through traditions, customs and habits, imbue the women of today with the same strength, resilience and tenacity found in their predecessors. This experience is a celebration of the past and an invitation to shape a better future.

For expatriate women, this unique experience will offer an appreciation for a host country that has been generous and embracing. Through this walk, the women will derive a heightened sense of awareness that comes from a pure understanding of the undulating topography of the sands and from overcoming the challenges they offer.

Learn more at www.womensheritagewalk.com

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