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Meet new people at Shamiyaana, Abu Dhabi

From 15 November to 2 December, Rashid Araeen is inviting visitors to break bread and enjoy conversation with like-minded people at his structure, Shamiyaana.

A tent or marquee used on the Indian subcontinent, Araeen’s Shamiyaana concept made its debut in Athens at Documenter 14 in 2017 before moving to London where it resides today.

However, as part of the Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2021 and Al Hosn Festival, a new Shamiyaana will be erected in Abu Dhabi where people can come together under one roof to meet, eat together and engage in conservation.

Taking place on the 15 to 21 November and then 26 November, 30 November and 2 December, guests can discover new friends between midday and 2pm at this Abu Dhabi Art commission.


For more information, visit Abu Dhabi Art


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15-11-2021 - 02-12-2021


Abu Dhabi, UAE