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Mohammed Chabaa: Visual Consciousness exhibit

Exploring the life’s work of Mohammed Chabaa, the Visual Consciousness exhibit at Cultural Foundation brings together his paintings, sculptures, graphic art, interior design models and archival material, encompassing his creative journey from 1957 to 2012.

Running until 19 December, Chabaa’s conception of art stemmed from a desire to interconnect art, architecture and artisanal crafts and he is considered the embodiment of Morocco’s cultural awakening.

Entry to the exhibit is free and can be viewed on the ground floor of the Cultural Foundation.

A negative PCR test result taken with 96 hours of entry must be presented on the Al Hosn app in order to gain access to the exhibit.


For more information, visit Cultural Foundation


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01-09-2021 - 19-12-2021


Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi