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Turn the page at the Al Ain Book Fair

Al Ain Book Fair starts September - Yalla Abu Dhabi

Calling all bookworms, the Al Ain Book Fair is ready to start a new chapter. 

Taking place between 21 and 30 September, the fair will be held in a hybrid format with a physical event being combined with virtual sessions on the fair’s digital platforms.  

Guests will be able to enjoy and interact with more than 100 exhibitors and publishers from across the UAE who will be showcasing the latest literary works and catering to a range of readers across all age groups. 

Some 50 speakers will be present at the fair including cultural figures, writers, creators and artists from the UAE, to share and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Emirates over the past half century. 

Interested in going? 


All visitors must register in advance to obtain an electronic entry card online on Abu Dhabi Book Fair or via the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair app.  


Image source Abu Dhabi Book Fair website


21-09-2021 - 30-09-2021