5 top family things to do in Dubai this Eid Al-Fitr

Indoor rainforests, art exhibitions, carnivals and more.

Dubai has tonnes of super friendly-family activities to enjoy and Team Yalla have selected five of the best to experience this Eid Al-Fitr.

Are you ready?

Here are five top family things to do in Dubai this Eid Al-Fitr.




Al Barari Playground and The Farm Al Barari, meaning “wilderness” in Arabic, aptly describes this rustic playground.

Lead designer, Kamelia Zaal wanted a space where children could play freely and be connected to nature.

No plastic in sight, play areas utilise natural resources amidst the indigenous plants and tall trees.

The stuff of Enid Blyton, it’s a place of discovery and adventure. Kids can play pirates on the wooden pirate ship, clamber up cargo nets, ride on the zipline as they pull the wooden raft, splash about in the shallows or dig in the sand.

Bring a picnic or follow the nature trail to The Guilt Burger Shop or try the organic homemade ice creams at The Dairy Shed.

If you’re still peckish, head over to The Farm whose menu uses locally sourced food from farm to table in lush green surroundings.

For more information, visit albarariplayground.com and thefarmdubai.ae




This indoor biodome recreates the exciting world of a tropical rainforest with over 3,000 plants and animals and the world’s largest man-made and life-sustaining tree.  Devised by botanists, zoologists and scientists, The Green Planet functions as a true ecosystem and depicts the four layers of the rainforest.

Take the lift to the fourth floor – Canopy Layer – and see those who fly, swing and leap including tropical birds, monkeys and bats. The wooden bridges and rope walkways lead you down to the other floors/layers, while you view the wildlife in the leafy undergrowth and cascading waterfall below. Just like a real rainforest, it’s humid, teeming with life and even “rains” regularly.

They also offer some extraordinary experiences; you can have an up-close encounter with a family of sloths. Meet Liam, Lemon and six-month-old baby Lime, the first baby sloth born in the region. Your little explorers will delight in feeding them and have their questions answered by a Green Planet biologist.

You can also go snorkelling with piranhas, be a zookeeper for the day or even camp overnight. With a focus on conservation awareness, this is a brilliant educational space. A must-visit for families and guests of all ages.

For more information, visit thegreenplanetdubai.com




Located in the heart of Souk Madinat Jumeirah, the Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) is an art exhibition with a twist – a multi-sensory, immersive, digital art space.

Combining many forms of multimedia and art in virtual reality, you do not just view the art, you experience it. Choose from a variety of shows including Revival of Ascetics, Being Van Gogh and From Monet to Kandinsky. A kaleidoscope of colour, delight as some of the world’s most famous artworks dance on the walls (and ceiling!) accompanied by beautiful classical music, the kids will be wide-eyed in wonder too.

They also host immersive yoga classes and live music.

For more information, visit toda.ae




Revel in the lively carnival atmosphere at this massive multi-cultural theme park.

This year, Global Village is marking its 26th season with 26 pavilions representing more than 80 cultures from around the world. From artisans to entertainers, bustling bazaars and live music, nightly fireworks, and a great variety of shopping and global dining options.

As well as the pavilions, check out the Heritage Village and Kids’ Theatre, plus the main stage for daily shows. Children will love the fairground rides and the new Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone, which boasts fun interactive play areas.

Beautifully lit to walk around at night, be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will rack up your step count!

Tip: take a pushchair for little ones and buy your tickets online to beat the queues.

For more information see globalvillage.ae




At 60 metres long, it is hard to miss this enormous, brightly coloured floating bounce park.

Located just off the east end of the resort’s beach, this inflatable obstacle course screams aqua fun! Enjoy the thrills and spills as you try and overcome a series of slides, wiggle bridges, monkey bars and trampolines.

Open to all aged six years and above (or over 110 cm), kids can spend all day here while lifeguards keep a watchful eye.

For more information, visit sofitel-dubai-thepalm.com


Image source Pexels

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