Al Ain’s Traditional Handicrafts Festival is back next week

Al Ain’s Traditional Handicrafts Festival

Now in its ninth edition, the festival is here to captivate visitors’ with Emirati handicrafts

UAE, get ready for the return of your favourite handicrafts event!

Souq Al Qattar’s flagship event, The Traditional Handicrafts Festival at Al Ain is returning this November, promising visitors another deep dive into the beautiful tapestry of Emirati culture.

The annual event gives visitors a closer look at long-practised Emirati handicrafts through demonstrations, competitions and hands-on workshops.

While we await details on this year’s programme, the event usually tends to highlight the craftsmanship of artisans, promote the skills and knowledge of these traditional techniques, and give visitors a chance to further explore these crafts.

Adding to the fun are the open competitions, including Arabic coffee-making (Gahwa), traditional Emirati cuisine and performances.

Since its inception in 2014, the festival has attracted handicraft enthusiasts and practitioners of traditional industries from all over the nation. The aim remains to promote and preserve traditional Emirati handicrafts, develop them as a source of income, diversify the economy and pass down cultural know-how from generation to generation.

For fans of handmade clothing styles, crafts under the spotlight generally include Al Sadu weaving and Talli embroidery. And while you’re checking those out, traditional performances such as Al Ayyala and Al Taghrooda, and performances from Bait Al Oud and Emirati singers promise to keep you entertained.

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1-20 November


Souq Al Qattar


For more information, visit abudhabiculture.ae

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