Master the art of Wood Joinery at Makerspace Al Zeina

Prices start from AED 285.

It is time to get creative this month as Makerspace Al Zeina launches its new ‘Introduction to Wood Joinery’ course.

Headed by Athath Fellowship alumni Nourhan Rahhal, the eight-week course will see makers learn a new wood-making skill each week with a micro project providing a final outcome.

You can expect to learn how to make a box, a mallet, a laptop holder, a sushi board, a phone holder, a stool and more throughout your eight weeks of wood mastery.

With prices beginning from AED 285 for one session, you can enjoy one class or a full eight-week programme with the makers leaving the course with a stool designed and fabricated by them using the knowledge learnt throughout the course.



This is a great programme to introduce woodworking, to develop existing skills or create a portfolio for the ‘22/23 Athath Fellowship: Furniture Design for Aspiring Entrepreneurs programme launching in the autumn

Speaking on the programme Nourhan says; “In a society where mass production has become the ultimate go to in many fields, I wish to establish an educational community where the art of making is reintroduced to this part of the world, along with creating unique spaces and pieces using traditional skill sets.”

Classes take place every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm and you can book online on Makerspace Al Zeina or call 025 588 6284.

Check out the full schedule below:

Week 1: 08.05.22: BOX JOINT

  • Make a box (jewellery, coin, accessories box with cover)

Week 2: 15.05.22: Mortise + Tenon

  • Make a wooden mallet

Week 3: 22.05.22: DOVETAIL JOINT

  • Make a laptop holder

Week 4: 29.05.22: Tongue & Groove

  • Make a sushi board

Week 5: 05.06.22: Half Lap/ Corner Halving

  • Make a phone holder

Weeks 6: 12.06.22

  • Stool designing; introduction to project + start designing.

Week 7: 19.06.22

  • Production of stool

Week 8: 26.06.22

  • Finishing stools and applying finishes
  • Sanding methods


For more information visit Makerspace Al Zeina

Image source Unsplash

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