Dates and fruits galore at the Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival this weekend


More than 400 date farmers will take part.

If you are a connoisseur of dates and fruit, then we have some salivating news for you; the Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival is taking place this weekend

Beginning on Friday (5 August), the seventh edition of the event will see more than 400 date farmers showcase their crops over three days.

Encompassing events that highlight old Emirati customs and traditions, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development organised an event that aims to enhance the palm trees as a symbol of the authentic Emirati heritage and to preserve and invest in the palm trees.

Guests can expect to see some of the finest dates produced in the UAE as well as competitions for the best dates, honey, citrus fruits, lemon, mango, and almonds, and traditional food competitions to encourage local productions and support farmers in preserving agriculture.

Outside of the tasty food, there will be events including Emirati folk performances and the traditional market where a large area has been allocated for families to promote their products, in addition to homemade craft houses that introduce the visitors to the traditions and history of the UAE.

There will also be several educational lectures and seminars on the importance of agriculture, the status of the palm tree in the Emirati heritage and the various ways to produce the finest local honey.

The festival is open every day this weekend from 10am to 10pm.

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