Black Box Cinema comes to Abu Dhabi International Book Fair


Catch the best of Arab cinema at the 32nd edition of this enormous book fair, also featuring over 2,700 other events!

Bookworms have been enjoying the 32nd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair for a while now and will continue until 28 May.

With over 2,700 diverse events ranging from cultural, artistic, educational, and professional topics, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) has been buzzing with excitement and learning.

This year, visitors will enjoy a renewed cinematic experience with the Black Box Cinema. With an aim to represent and spread awareness about Arab cinema, the programme will include 15 short films from the Arab world, as well as 7 films from the Republic of Türkiye: ADIBF 2023’s Guest of Honour.

From the UAE, you will catch ‘A Small Dream’, the story of a young woman with a seemingly simple dream of swimming in the sea. She faces obstacles and struggles to find the balance between fulfilling her dream and her fear of judgement.

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Next up is ‘Amber’, the story of a barber who is caught in a deadly situation when he realises that his first customer of the day is not who he seems to be. Following that will be ‘Unveiling Selma’, which tells the story of Selma, 35, who decides to free herself from housework, her neglectful husband, and her innocent daughter, in order to rediscover herself.

Saudi Arabia is set to showcase three 3 short films; ‘My Vibe’ explores how the lives of three teenagers changed forever after a cinema theatre opened in Jeddah. ‘Othman’, narrates the tale of a parking lot security guard at a public hospital living harmoniously with his cousin, before events shake him out of his customary complacency and force him to face reality.

Last up is ‘Panting’, which follows Marco as he finds himself in a maze between reality and its virtual counterpart, seeking to find the girl he met on social media.

This is also a chance to explore movies from Egypt, starting with ‘Big Day’, a story of a wedding that goes the wrong way after rumours spread that the groom is planning to flee.

‘Liter of Gas’, is the story of an unemployed man who goes on a journey searching for gasoline for his car after a nationwide rise in oil prices, only to find himself exploring the socioeconomic injustices that caused this situation in the first place. And there are many more in the pipeline!

The screening will also feature two Tunisian films, ‘Train’ and ‘Flesh and Blood’, as well as Bahrain’s ‘The Sea Bride’, ‘This World Is Wonderful’ from Kuwait, ‘Long Trip’ from Iraq, and ‘Abed’ from Jordan.

Don’t miss this extravaganza!



22-28 May


Abu Dhabi International Book Fair


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Image source Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre

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