Students at The Pearl Academy in Abu Dhabi are at the very heart of everything it does

This happy, family orientated school puts students first. 

PARTNER CONTENT: If you’re looking for a vibrant school, one that is proud of its family feel and where the children are at the very heart of everything it does, then The Pearl Academy is one to explore.

With a noticeable growth mindset at The Pearl Academy, it is clear that the school continuously delivers successes and improvements in all areas in order to effectively develop the school community.

This is further bolstered by collaboration and social responsibility; creativity and risk-taking; practice and resilience at every level throughout the school.

Getting the balance right between enabling academic excellence alongside a rich, broad and balanced curriculum is a celebrated feature of The Pearl Academy. The Pearl is quite rightly proud of its status of Outstanding in all six areas in their ADEK inspection as well as being an Outstanding BSO school.

Clearly, The Pearl Academy is somewhere where every student has a place and belongs; where everybody works together, in partnership.


Pearl Parliament


As you all know, education does not end on the final school bell. There are many areas beyond the school campus where students develop their skills, both on national and international levels.

Students excel in sports, arts and literature, which is all facilitated, encouraged and celebrated by the school itself at every step and stage of the students’ journey.

The outstanding Student Leadership Team help lead the way in shaping and developing the future of the school.

Pearl Parliament (School Council) enables the children to voice their opinions and create change with their child-initiated acts of parliament.


The Rockstars



The school is home to a band, The Rockstars, which enables musically gifted children to showcase their talents in a variety of instruments.

The band perform weekly in the school assembly, as well as in concerts and shows for the public.





In the most recent Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Year 5 students achieved some of the highest results in the in the country.  ADEK school inspectors interviewed key members of staff to discuss our outstanding teaching and learning strategies.


Counselling Section



The school’s counselling department supports children emotionally and socially through individual and group sessions, whole-school initiatives, assemblies and awareness campaigns. Children and staff are encouraged to thrive, both physically, academically and emotionally and mental health is at the forefront of the superb Pearl family experience offered to all who come through our doors.




In June 2021, The Pearl Academy proudly became the first High Performance Learning (HPL) accredited school in Abu Dhabi. HPL is seen to reflect the school’s philosophy of expecting the best from every child and the belief that all children can be high achievers, who constantly challenge themselves. Emily Gilbert, the school’s HPL Lead Teacher, became the UAE’s first HPL Global Lead Teacher, sharing the school’s best practice with teachers and academic leaders globally. HPL is at the very heart of our learning and teaching at The Pearl.


Inclusive school


The Pearl Academy is an inclusive school, which values the different contributions all children can make to the school. The Inclusion Team works alongside class and subject teachers to ensure all children thrive, make progress and are happy. We offer both individual and small group teaching to enable children fulfil their potential. 


Outstanding Arabic Department– ADEK 2019



Arabic is viewed as an equal first language to English and as such prioritised across the school from Nursery to Year 6.

It’s very important for the school to ensure that the learning in Ministry of Education (MOE) subjects is exceptional; and every child has the opportunity to achieve and excel.

Therefore, students are engaged and motivated, and develop their potential and ability to use their literacy skills competently and effectively in their learning. The school is centered on creative learning environments in order to make the MOE subjects more interesting and fun for students.

The Arabic teachers are progressive teachers and often lead the way with creative transformation. The English National Curriculum and MoE subjects are blended to evolve aspects of the school’s curriculum with the learners, taught in flexible learning spaces enabling learners to make choices about how they learn.


For more information, about The Pearl Academy, visit thepearlacademy.sch.ae   

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