You just need your face to travel to and from Abu Dhabi

The capital is gearing up to launch an advanced biometric technology that could use your face as a passport.

Smooth like butter travelling at Abu Dhabi International Airport!

In an effort to make travelling a lot more seamless (and might we add, cool!), the airport is gearing up to launch an advanced biometric technology. The same will use a passenger’s facial features as their passport, from the time they arrive at the airport to the time they board their flight.

Reportedly, the technology uses smart cameras to capture an image of the passenger’s face and confirms whether they are cleared to travel. The same works at any other juncture as well, like at the boarding gate for instance.

While it’s definitely a game-changing advancement, the technology will be implemented gradually. According to a report by Gulf News, the first phase is currently being tested at the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport. This is the only US immigration preclearance service in the region that allows passengers to clear US immigration while they are still in Abu Dhabi, and upon arrival in the US.

This move comes ahead of Etihad increasing flights to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York from four to 11 flights a week from 15 November. The USCBP technology is also in place at JFK, allowing for seamless travel both ways.

The introduction of this technology was first announced on Day 1 of the Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2022. Wholly financed by Abu Dhabi Airports and delivered by NEXT50, an Abu Dhabi tech-based company, a major rollout of the same is expected to be introduced across the airport in the coming months.

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