Porcini Festival at Villa Toscana: Experience an incredible menu dedicated to the king of mushrooms

Discover supreme gourmet mushroom combinations for 10 days at Villa Toscana.

PARTNER CONTENT: Step forward into an intimate atmosphere where warm, mahogany hues greet you alongside stunning chandeliers hanging from high ceilings for an evening of elegance and fine dining at Villa Toscana.

Placed on the first floor of the luxurious The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, this beautiful recreation of a Tuscan villa awaits your presence for the sampling of exquisite regional Italian cuisine.

Uniting specialties from the gastronomic regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia-Romagna, awaken your taste buds with delicious Italian flavours crafted by the professional culinary team led by Chief Vittorio, named as one of the 30 best chefs under 30 in the Middle East.

And as you savour superb dishes from antipasti, pasta and pizza to dessert and gluten-free dinners, sip on premium Italian grapes from red, white and bubbly.




Known for its famous celebrations of a regional specialties and cuisines, the month of September will see Villa Toscana shine the kitchen-spotlight on the king of mushrooms – the Porcini.

Porcini connoisseurs will be familiar with this gourmet mushroom that offers a hearty, nutty flavour with a meat like texture and the talented culinary team at Villa Toscana has curated a superb à la carte menu showcasing the versatility of this fungus.

Treat yourself to a delicious Burrata Salad with Roasted Pumpkin and Porcini Mushroom Crudité or the alluring Beef tartare with Porcini mushrooms, crispy corn wafer and Parmesan cream with truffle before moving onto a main course of a mouthwatering grilled prime beef tenderloin with red grape reduction and Porcini mushroom or Hazelnut-crusted Red Snapper with sautéed Porcini and topinambur purée. Each delicious dish can be paired with an alluring selection of premium Italian grapes at the delightful restaurant.

Available from 16 to 25 September, you can sample the Porcini Festival at Villa Toscana at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi from 7pm to 11pm every evening.

For more information visit villatoscana-abudhabi.com, email [email protected] or call 02 694 4553

Image source St. Regis Abu Dhabi