Travelling to Abu Dhabi? Here’s what you need to know

You don’t need to have an Al Hosn app.

So, you have decided to make a break for the UAE’s beautiful capital Abu Dhabi but you are unsure of what procedures you must follow to gain entry into the UAE’s biggest emirate.

From PCR tests to Al Hosn green passes, it can be quite confusing for those who are not resident in Abu Dhabi but the Department of Culture Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) have released a comprehensive guide for vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors to ensure stress-free travel.


Entering Abu Dhabi via road


First up a booster (third) dose for any COVID-19 vaccine to enter the emirate is only applicable to UAE residents and not to tourists.

The most common way of entering Abu Dhabi is by car or bus will be via the Dubai/Abu Dhabi Road or E11, and will see you use Lane 1 – the far right lane – to enter as this slot has now been designated a tourist lane.

Fully vaccinated tourists must present proof of their vaccination status via an official vaccination certificate through an app or hardcopy and then present a negative PCR test obtained within the last 14 days in the UAE. If you are travelling from another country into Abu Dhabi such as Oman, you will have to present a negative PCR test not exceeding 48 hours from that country.


Flying into Abu Dhabi as a vaccinated tourist


First up, you must check if the UAE officially recognises your vaccine. Abu Dhabi will only accept vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

Travellers must fill in a registered travel form from the Federal Authority and Citizenship 48 hours before their travel date. This can be done on the ICA app or website Here you will fill in your passport details, travel itinerary, address in Abu Dhabi and your vaccine certificate for approval. You do not need to upload your PCR test and this can be completed five days before travelling. Once validated, you will receive a QR code via email.

If you are flying with Etihad Airways, you must print out a copy of your negative PCR test and present it at check-in.

Upon arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport, you will be required to undergo a PCR test that is free of charge which will be provided within 90 minutes. You may leave the airport and wait in your accommodation for the result.

All travellers will then be required to undergo further PCR testing depending from where they have arrived. Those arriving from green-list will need to take a test on day six of their stay whereas travellers coming from a red-list country will need to take tests on day four and day eight.

Regardless from where vaccinated travellers are coming, they will not need to quarantine.


Unvaccinated tourists flying into Abu Dhabi


The procedures for unvaccinated tourists flying into Abu Dhabi are the same as vaccinated. Where the measures differ, however is testing after arrival.

Unvaccinated travellers coming from a Green List country, they will need to take another PCR test on day six and day nine. They will not be required to quarantine.

Those coming from a Red List country will need to quarantine. If the test on arrival is negative, they may make their way to their accommodation and quarantine for 10 days. If positive, they will be fitted with a wristband to wear during their 10-day quarantine period.

Both positive and negative travellers will need to take a second PCR test at a SEHA Prime Testing Facility on day nine. If the traveller was previously positive and now shows a negative, they can remove their wristband.


Flying into the UAE and then travelling to Abu Dhabi


If you decide to fly into Dubai International Airport or Sharjah International Airport and then travel to Abu Dhabi by road, the regulations for vaccinated and unvaccinated are the same for international travellers flying direct plus a few additional measures.

You will still need to fill out an ICA form and undergo a PCR test at both airports and must remain in isolation until they have received a negative result.

Once they have received a result, they may travel to Abu Dhabi following the aforementioned regulations mentioned in the entering Abu Dhabi via road.


Entering public facilities in Abu Dhabi


To enter into any facilities in Abu Dhabi, you must present a copy of your full vaccination status alongside a negative PCR test taken within the last 14 days.


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