The best spots to explore in Al Ain

The school holidays are the perfect time to grab the kids, jump in the car and head further afield to explore the cultural gems found in the ‘Garden City’

Spring break is on, and so are reduced working hours for Ramadan. So if you find yourself with some spare time on hand, and nothing to do, here are some plans we’ve got for you!

Only a 90-minute drive from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Al Ain is the perfect place to head to for tons of family-friendly, cultural and adventurous activities. Here are some of the best spots to check out in Al Ain for a great time!


Al Ain Oasis


Saturday Market Al Ain Oasis

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the lush oasis in the centre of the city allows visitors to meander, cycle and even ride on horses beneath a thick canopy of some 147,000 date palms and other fruit trees. This of course takes a lot of watering which is sourced from wells and the ancient falaj system (plural aflaj), bringing water from the mountains to the farms via a complex system of underground and surface channels.

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Al Ain Palace Museum


The Best Spots To Explore In Al Ain

The royal residence of the UAE’s Founding Father, this Abu Dhabi cultural attraction in the heart of Al Ain offers you a glimpse at what life was like before the discovery of oil in the country. Having been restored, you can take in the museum that is dedicated to the Al Nahyan family.

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Jebel Hafit Desert Park


Jabel Hafeet Uae Road Trips

A trip to Jebel Hafit Desert Park requires a sense of adventure for exploring the great outdoors. The park, which occupies a nine-kilometre stretch at the base of Jebel Hafit Mountain, Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak, offers all types of camping options to sleep under the stars. Explore the incredible landscapes by foot, bike, horse or camel and discover fascinating archaeological and historical remains that tell enchanting stories of this unique area’s ancient habitation.

Qasr Al Muwaiji


Qasr Al Muwaiji

The birthplace of the UAE’s second president His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Qasr Al Muwaiji allows visitors to learn about the history of the fortress as well as its role as a host to visiting travellers and the importance of water to its survival and success.

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Hili Archaeological Park



Located just ten minutes outside of Al Ain is Hili Archaeological Park. A place for history buffs or those who are fans of the wide, open spaces, you can explore Bronze and Iron Age villages that date back to 3,000 BC.

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