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Swimming is a lifelong sport, so it’s a great one for children to learn young. There are numerous swimming clubs in Abu Dhabi. Find the best swimming club that’s just right for you below. Simply click on the provider below of interest to learn more. If there is any club or service that you do not see listed, please let us know.

Extra International Sport

Abu Dhabi
050 383 3564
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Advantage Sports UAE

Various Locations
055 807 2482
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Discover Sports

Discover Sports
056 242 2231
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4th Lane Swim Academy (4LSA)

Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel

Abu Dhabi Country Club

Abu Dhabi
02 657 7777

Aqua Baby Classes

Various locations
050 414 5903

Arabian Swim Academy

Various Locations
050 883 8091

Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel

Khor Al Maqta'a
02 497 3071

Beach Rotana Health Club

Al Zahiya
02 697 9302

H2O Swim Club

Various Locations
052 849 1010

Hamilton Aquatics

Various Locations
050 504 2705

Inspire Sports Management

Abu Dhabi
050 157 5508

ISM Sports

Various Locations
050 519 3899

Little Stars Swimming Club

Al Mushrif
050 781 0635

Neptunes Swim Academy

Al Yasmina School
056 725 3163

Swimming at The Club

Al Mina (members only)
02 673 1111

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