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La Cuisine De Manou

Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
02 552 6608
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Living Room Café

Al Khalidiyah
02 639 6654
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Arlequin Caterers

Al Hosn
02 666 6855

Bonnie Bakes

Khalifa City
056 752 6648
facebook: bonniebakesuae

Cake Away

Abu Dhabi

facebook: sallycakeaway

Cake Walk

Al Markaziyah West
056 144 3112
facebook: cakewalkuae

Cupcake Couture

Khalifa City
056 733 7324
facebook: CupcakeCoutureAbuDhabi

Edible Arrangements

Khalidiyah Mall
02 658 1116


Abu Dhabi
056 601 2542
facebook: Gourmelicious

Kylie’s Kitchen

Abu Dhabi

facebook: Kylies.Kitchen

Lana’s Partiperfect

Al Marina
02 681 0090

Mama’s CupCakes

Al Nahyan
02 445 2244

Sweet Celebrations

Abu Dhabi
056 268 2057

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